I. graduate grad‧u‧ate 1 [ˈgrædʒut] noun [countable]
1. a person who has completed a university degree course, especially for a first degree:

• a science graduate from Oxford University

• The company is looking for a graduate engineer with the ability to lead and motivate a team of four people.

2. a person who has completed a course at a college or school:

• a Harvard business-school graduate

  [m0] II. graduate graduate 2 adjective [only before a noun]
a graduate student is someone studying for their second degree
  [m0] III. graduate graduate 3 [ˈgrædʒueɪt] verb
1. [intransitive] to obtain a degree, especially a first degree, from a college or university:
graduate from

• He graduated from the University of California with a degree in mathematics.

2. [intransitive] to complete your education at high
3. [transitive] to give a degree or Diploma to someone who has completed a course
4. graduate from/​to something MARKETING to start buying a product etc that is better than the one you bought before:

• They bought low-priced homes after graduating from rooming houses and apartments.

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graduate UK US /ˈgrædʒuət/ noun [C]
a student who has completed a university or college degree: »

a 2010 college graduate

a graduate of sth »

Li is a graduate of Beijing University.


an Oxford/Harvard/Columbia graduate


a psychology/journalism/engineering graduate

US a student who has completed high school: »

The boys were graduates of Winthrop High School.


a high school graduate

graduate UK US /ˈgrædjueɪt/ verb
[I] to complete a degree at a college or university: »

The pharmacy college will hold classes for 12 months a year so that its students can graduate in three years .

graduate from sth »

In India, roughly two million English speakers graduate from university each year.

[I] US to complete high school: »

The program continues until the students graduate from high school.

[T] US if a university, college, or school graduates students, it gives them an official document that proves they have completed their education there: »

The business community has been frustrated that our city schools were graduating people who were illiterate.

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